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I became hooked on yoga from the very first class I attended: I was in total awe of Yoga's raw power to inspire, transform and to create balance in the midst of the exciting but sometimes overwhelming and hectic London life. Over the years I have gravitated towards one-to-one classes, now teaching privately full time, where I enjoy working with unique bodies and seeing the tangible difference Yoga makes to many aspects of my client's lives.


My private classes are challenging, uplifting and approachable to everyone: they swiftly increase flexibility, tone, and de-stress. Each session can be tailored to work on a specific body part, towards a particular goal or used as therapy for an injury. The classes are a well-rounded practice of initially warming, strengthening and opening the body, progressing through deep stretching and finally relaxation with guided meditation. I focus on the use of breath to strengthen the mind/body connection while finding depth in the postures and I place particular emphasis on creating a non-judgemental space where people of any experience can develop at their own pace.​


I hope my classes leave you feeling inspired and RENEWED.


How I Can

Help You

Private classes are an opportunity to take yoga back to its roots of molding each yoga experience to meet the needs of the individual student. Our time together can be used to accelerate the initial learning process, focus on personal goals, work around a busy schedule, overcome health concerns or deepen an existing practice.


I am also now running online group classes where flow together anywhere in the world. Classes included good morning vinyasa flows to set the tone for your day ahead, the ever-popular 'A Sunday Night Yin' for a deep stretch out finished with yoga nidra and prenatal yoga classes to create an isolated-mum tribe!


“As an Olympic athlete, I abused my body for 15 yrs. After many surgeries, chronic pain issues, and walking around like a sickly 90 year old, I was reluctant to give Hannah a shot. Over time, I'd met with 4 diff yogis, & each session left me in worse condition. They didn't listen, and as helping professionals, just didn't "get it." Hannah GET'S it. She LISTENED to me and has helped me to PROPERLY stretch & strengthen the important areas, and massively increase my spinal health. The effects of my sessions have been LIFE CHANGING. Prior to Hannah, I'd never experienced the true benefits of yoga. I now begin each day with a small routine and am beginning to again feel & function like a top level athlete. I'd highly recommend working with Hannah, your body & mind will thank you for it!” 


—  Multiple Gold Medal Olympian

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