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Picking the right type of yoga for the 4 phases of our menstrual cycle

I had a seriously fierce yoga practice yesterday! It was easily the strongest I have ever felt 💪🏼But then there are days when, no matter how motivated I am to step onto the mat, I just can't get into the flow. Of course there are so many factors that can throw us off our yoga game. However a big - and often forgotten one - is our hormones ladies. When we understand the stages of our cycle, we can match our yoga practice to it, accommodating our energy and needs.

I've written a quick guide to the types of yoga we may like for each phase of our cycle. Every body is different, but it should be a good place to start!

Menstral phase, days 1-7

REFLECT: Yin and meditation. With our lowest energy levels, and potential physical period symptoms, this can be a good time to slow right down and reflect. Whilst we may feel lethargic, we can still nourish the body by capitalizing on our deep state of mind. Our practice may be gentle and reflective, seeking to restore energy balance and ease bloating and any pain.

Follicular phase, days 8-13.

CREATIVE: Time for a creative flow or to try new classes. Our energy starts to lift, we have increased endurance and we may feel extra creative. Try flowing to some music that inspires you and feel the dance-like qualities evolve.

Ovulation phase, days 14-21

STRONG: A strong vinyasa flow class or partner work (pun intended😋). As we ovulate, our hormone levels are peaking and we feel social and fierce. A time to create internal heat to burn the fresh energy and explore partner work like acro yoga.

Luteal phase, days 22-28

LISTENING TO YOUR BODY: Hatha flow. As our hormone levels start to shift in preparation for the menstral cycle again, we may start to notice PMS symptoms. A hatha flow will slow things down, giving you time in each pose to discover what your body craves, listening to your intuition and reducing anxiety.

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